Posted by: Meredith | January 14, 2011

New Product! {High Point, NC Portrait Photographer}

I love getting calls or texts from clients asking if they can come over and show me something. I love it even more when what they bring is an image I shot, blown up or produced in a fun, creative way.

And then, I love it even more when they ask me if I’d like to start offering said product to my other clients.

(Have you guessed what it is yet?)

That happened last week. And I said yes. Which means, you, my wonderful clients, can now order these from me…


{Beautifully!} Framed 16 x 20 Canvas Prints!

Now most of you guys have ordered print products from me before, and may have even ordered a canvas from me before, so you know that I already offer canvas prints in any size. And those are still great.

But, if you want a FRAMED print, this one is just beautiful…a MUST.

And it’s affordable. Beautiful and affordable: Two great features, if you ask me.

You can design it yourself online, choose from three stylish frames, and it makes a great addition to any home…or a great gift! Canvas is a longer lasting option than standard prints, and looks more sleek and modern, in my opinion. There is no glass covering the canvas, so it can be displayed anywhere, with no concern of glare from lights.

Kelly Phillips, Independent Designer for Celebrating Home will be teaming up with me to offer these great canvasses. That’s her sweet baby boy, Cooper, in the canvas that’s currently adorning my mantle. You might remember Cooper and Kelly from this album on Facebook, or this post from her daughter’s birthday party last year.

Kelly has lots of other great things for your home besides these lovely canvasses, so please do yourself a favor and check out her website at here! I’ll be hosting a party soon, and you’ll be able to see these canvas, and the other products, up close. In the meantime, feel free to contact me for more info, or email Kelly directly at…be sure to tell her I sent you! 🙂

Now…which photo to choose for my mantle? Hmm…


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